It Starts......

You suddenly find yourself in a grassy clearing, with no memory of how you arrived there. It's a hot day and you're quite thirsty so you look around for some sign of water and hopefully, some way of finding out where you are. Upon hearing the sound of a stream in the distance, you start to walk towards the noise.
"Hold it right there, or me'n my dragon'll flame you!"
You jump violently and spin round. Standing behind you is a girl with blond hair and blue-green eyes. She is wearing a bright red midriff top and denim shorts complete with white trainers and fixing you with a very fierce and intimidating expression. Or trying to, anyway. The overall effect is rather spoiled by the fact that the girl in question appears to be no more than eight years old, although by the looks of her, she's made a pretty successful effort to look older. You look around again, this time searching for the dragon.
The girl deflates slightly.
"Well, okay, so it's only a hatchling right now. But when it grows up, it's gonna be the best dragon around!"
"I'm sure it is," you say, with a smile. "And how big do you think it'll grow?"
She glares at you again and steps to one side.
"See for yourself!"
You look behind her; however, you fail to see it. Confident now that this kid is having you on, your smile becomes wider. The girl looks at you in annoyance.
"Don't look at me like that! There is a's just invisible right now!"
"Oh right," you say. "Look, um, would you mind telling me where exactly I am? And what's your name?"
She stares at you.
"Don't you know? You're in my friend's house! This is where she has all her adopted cyberpets! My name is Heather and I'm in charge of showing people round. So, what do you want to see first? We got dogs, we got cats, we got sea things, we got dragons, we got unicorns...ah, forget it," she says, upon seeing your somewhat dazed expression. "I think I'll just give you the grand tour. Follow me!"

Phew! I'm beat. Give me a break!