The Ocean

You glance up at Skystreak a little nervously. You're not too keen on the way he's flying around and doing little loop-the-loops and various acrobatics to pass the time.
You nod firmly, your mind made up.
"I think I'll go through the water," you say.
Skystreak flies off almost immediately, looking for someone else to give a ride to. Shan grins.
"I thought you might. Not many people have the guts to take a ride on a Dagmire!" She heads over to a nearby tree and pulls what looks a little like a blue apple from its branches, then throws it into the water.
You're a little taken aback by this but decide to hang around and see what happens.
After about ten minutes, there's some kind of commotion out to sea, and a strange creature that looks to be half horse, half fish, with fins instead of hooves, swims up and starts cavorting in the water a few yards away from you.
"This is Seastar," Shan tells you. "She's a Kelpie from the EverRealm."
You stare at Shan, who looks expectant.
"You can't mean..." you start.
"Seastar's the only way over," Shan tells you firmly. "Don't worry-even if you do fall off, it's not that far down. Seastar can only jump about five foot when she's carrying a passenger."
Reluctantly, you step into the water, wincing momentarily at how cold it is.
"It gets warmer as you go further out," Shan promises. "Go on, you'll soon get used to it."
Carefully, you step further into the ocean.
"Oh, one more thing," Shan adds. You turn round, almost losing your balance; the current's obviously a lot stronger than you first thought. Shan holds out a hand and a small white creature flits down to land on it.
"This is Mist," she tells you. "You probably won't be seeing Heather again, and not all the inhabitants you're going to meet can speak English, so you'll be needing this little one. She's from the EverRealm as well."
Mist flies over to sit on your shoulder.
So you're taking the water way, are you? she says. Very sensible-Skystreak almost knocked me out the air last time!
"Mist's kind have extremely limited powers," Shan says. "They aren't much-mostly the ability to turn invisible-but they're enough to let you breathe underwater."
You glance back over to Seastar, your original worries resurfacing.
"Don't worry," Shan says, a trifle impatiently. "Just go. Slide on like a normal horse, hang onto the mane and grip as hard as you can with your legs to stop sliding off."
You start wading towards the Kelpie, who is showing signs of impatience. With a deep breath in anticipation of the cold, you dive and begin swimming towards her, catching Mist by surprise and earning an indignant squawk.
"Sorry," you say, before reaching Seastar.
Don't worry about it, Mist assures you. You're not the first to have done that!
Tentatively, you take hold of Seastar's mane and pull yourself astride, gripping like Shan told you to. Almost immediately, Seastar takes off through the water, fast. You're glad you've got Mist next to you, otherwise you would almost certainly have drowned.
"What's on the other side?" you ask, as Seastar jumps out of the water dolphin style.
Mythical animals, Mist replies. Creatures that very few people ever see, like drigetti and ferilons and...I think I'll just let you see for yourself. Well, you're about to learn something anyway--we're coming up to Sandrock's territory.