Sandrock's Tribe

"Who?" you say, in between jumps. "Who's Sandrock?"
Sandrock is the alpha male, Mist tells you, in a tone of voice that suggests this should explain everything.
"Alpha male what?"
Aquatic Ferilon, of course, Mist answers, sounding testy.
You start to ask what a Ferilon is but at that minute Seastar plunges back into the ocean and you end up with a mouthful of water.
Seastar suddenly starts diving down, until she reaches the sea bed, whereupon she swims along it, looking around curiously.
Are you still here? Mist calls.
Movement catches your attention and you turn to see what it is.
A group of strange, ferret like creatures are looking at you.
Nobody moves for a few seconds. Then two of the creatures approach you cautiously.

The one with silver and cream markings is Sandrock, Mist tells you. Like I said, he's the alpha male, and that's his mate Coral.